REVOTRON provides Google GMS certified smartphones for Telecoms

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Nowadays mobile devices are part of our life. We use them for entertainment, communication and more often for banking and other business purposes. The mobile device is very personal thing, almost all our personal data are shared or stored there or through the device is stored in the cloud. That's why, the security of the software and the hardware is very important.

Google Android GMS certification is about compatibility and homogenisation of the mobile devices. It means that the certified device meets quality and security requirements, as well the device can have software update any time.

Revotron provides full range of smartphones:
3G smartphones - quadcore and octacore;
4G Smartphones - quadecore and octacore

with full range of sizes 4", 4.5" , 5" and more.

The price range meets the requirements of Telecoms. Our price levels starts from 50 Euro cents per month based on two years subscribtion.

More info you can find at or contact us for price offers.


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